Financial Literacy programme

On Monday, 12th August, a financial literacy workshop was held at the High School Library. The workshop involved various activities, which aimed at the general goal of understanding the value of money. Students from Ms Tyagi’s economics class were made to understand the various ways of borrowing, and the various “lenders” and ways of borrowing money – Payday loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Bank Overdrafts etc. In addition, students were taught about the existence of “loan sharks”, and were explained why it is necessary to be careful with whom you borrow money from. Students had a chance to analyse the budget of individuals in case studies where the budget is far beyond what they are capable of coping with, and students were encouraged to restructure their budgets to make them more realistic and less risky. ┬áThe workshop was quite helpful in teaching students about the importance of money, especially for seniors, who are not far from that day when they will have to earn for themselves.

For all students interested, the workshop has been planned as a CAS activity, and to sign up, the link is given below:

For further information, contact Ms Tyagi at